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Mantle’s Billy Martin cow-shooting story is urban legend …

February 29, 2012
By admin

I get a kick out of a wonderful story that circulates about Mickey Mantle and Billy Martin (and sometimes includes Whitey Ford) on a hunting trip in Texas (or sometimes in New York and elsewhere) that involves firearms, livestock and the legendary Billy Martin’s penchant for impetuosity tinged by various anger management issues. There...

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Clint Eastwood could kick Chuck Norris’ ass …

February 8, 2012
By admin

Clint Eastwood could kick Chuck Norris’ ass … Odd as it may sound, I mentioned Chuck Norris quite prominently in the eulogy that I somehow managed at my mother’s funeral service this past December. I bring this up now because the erstwhile “actor” is in the news these days, rolling out his conservative credentials...

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