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The unconceded election …. No,not that one

July 26, 2011
By admin
The putrid level of partisanship that we see in political life in 2011 and now seemingly threatens to undermine our national well=being and perhaps the global economy, traces its tawdry roots back to those first days of November in 1992 when Bill Clinton snuck up on a whole country in general and a hapless Republican Party in particular. They were alternately stunned, offended and enraged that it could have happened. They couldn’t believe it, so they didn’t believe it. Still don’t,

The election of 2000 is likely to be seen – with the benefit of a few years or even decades of hindsight – as one of the saddest chapters in our political history. It’s one of the great sticking points between so-called Liberals and Conservatives, but it says here that the election was stolen...

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